Drinking Soda When Pregnant- Advisable or Not?

Common questions raised by pregnant women are what eat and what not. One would have practiced drinking or eating a meal regularly. During pregnancy, stopping or reducing those items due to its adverse effects are recommended mostly. One most common doubt of the urban women are drinking cokes while pregnant right or not? Well, you will get a clear idea about your longstanding question in this article.

Sodas during pregnancy:

There aren’t any ill effects reported due to the intake of soda. Caffeine is the main ingredient of this kind of sodas. Intake of caffeine though haven’t reported causing any harm, it is believed to be so, only up to a certain level. Consumption of caffeine up to 300 mg is said to be safe without any side effect for the body. Increasing from that level might add a certain risk factor for pregnant women.

caffeine in a pregnant woman's body

Common Ingredients of Sodas:

Ingredients of common soda beverages constitute Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Caffeine, Artificial Sweeteners, and other Preservatives. During pregnancy, the caffeine passes into placenta of the body which is completely absorbed by the baby. Normally caffeine in a pregnant woman’s body is confirmed to stay up to 11 hours while her fetus could retain the caffeine up to 100 hours.

Artificial Sweeteners, flavoring agents, preservatives which are the main ingredients of aerated drinks are not advised for a pregnant woman. Studies revealed that these kinds of stuff are not healthy for a pregnant woman. Using alternate drinks like fruit juice, fresh lime and lassi would ensure a safe and healthy diet as an alternate for soft drinks.

Adverse Effects of Soda on a Pregnant Woman:

Commonly, the diet followed by a pregnant woman should be strict and safe. Considering the health of the baby and the mother, it is important for the mother to take a healthy diet. To answer the question, consumption of soda up to the safe level wouldn’t cause any harm to a mother and baby’s health. Crossing the safe level is sure to cause some side effects for a pregnant woman.

drinking cokes while pregnant

  • Increase in blood pressure
  • High heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Premature Birth
  • Low birth weight of the baby

These are some of the effects of increased caffeine content in the body of a pregnant woman. It is hard to cut off the consumption of soda abruptly who are regularly practiced to consume caffeinated beverages. But it is recommended to slowly reduce the intake and bring down under safe level during pregnancy. Knowing the Ill effects of drinking soda when pregnant at high levels will make everyone aware of the importance of a mother’s health during this period.