How to say sorry to a friend

apologize to a friend

A healthy relationship is not one which gets built it, but a balance maintained with trust, dignity, respect, etc. Nobody is perfect like the way one thinks about them. Though people try to be their best version things doesn’t go smoothly all day. Mistakes happen and so is the misunderstanding between friends. Crossing the hurdle and bringing back the broken relationship is what matters if your friends matter.

Say sorry to a friend can lift even a drowned relationship. Not all have got the gut to ask sorry after a heated argument that dents a relationship. Even when the mistake is not yours, it is fair to ask sorry and rebuild the friendship. Some of your words would have hurt a friend unintentionally even if you didn’t mean to hurt them. Apologize to a friend without thinking twice; it will put things in your way without any complications

Things to follow while asking an apology:

  • Be sure of what you want to speak
  • When you ask sorry, really mean it!
  • Avoid justifying your actions which you want them to forget
  • Let them know that you didn’t want to hurt them by any mean

say sorry to a friend

Think before you act:

Things don’t sound the way you want to and cause misunderstanding sometimes. At that point, thinking logical as where the mistake lies don’t work. Time has got the power to heal everything, so take your time and try to be the first to approach your partner. Always think twice before speaking words out of anger. A small word can sink the ship and hurt the one you love.

Saying sorry to someone you hurt is the best way to make them understand that you have realized your mistake. First of all, if you ask for an apology just mean it. If you say for sake of letting them know your value it will end up being artificial.

Let your partner know that you care about them. Forgiving and forgetting is the best way to move on from a situation, reminding the same incident in your mind stresses you out and make things worse. Accept what has happened and try to resolve things without pointing out mistakes on either side

Building the broken trust

Don’t stop by asking sorry and getting back to routine, it is necessary to build trust by avoiding the same mistake at any time. Apologize for hurting a friend and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen in future. Some may forget and move easily, but some people may take time to become normal after getting hurt. It is your part to be sorry for what you have done and leave the rest up to them whether to accept or not.